Henry Smith MP welcomes Record High Employment

Henry Smith MP has welcomed official jobs figures which show that in the south east of England, there are now 4,673,609 people in work; meaning that 481,270 more people have the security of a job and a wage compared with 2010.

Gambling - The Balance between Protection and Liberty

There can be a debate between allowing personal freedom to choose and legislating to protect the public. The term ‘Nanny State’ can be used when some perceive that well-intentioned government or health bodies are perceived to interfere too much with our lives. There is of course a balance to strike as complete freedom to do absolutely anything would be anarchy, while any government forcing us to do everything they want would be totalitarianism. It’s an age-old libertarian/authoritarian argument that can manifest itself in different ways as new issues arise.

Supporting our Town Centre and Neighbourhood Parades

It has been well documented that town centres are under pressure, mostly due to more online shopping, but high rents and business rates also add pressure. Nationally and locally, it is the Conservatives that recognise this and who are trying to keep our town centres thriving. Smaller retailers are now paying much less in business rates thanks to measures brought in by the Conservative Government.

Delivering the People's Priorities through a Majority Government

As the new decade gets underway, we do so with a political stability that we haven’t had at all during the last decade. The Coalition government of 2010 to 2015 held together and did the groundwork to recover the economy and public finances from the disastrous previous Labour government, but being a coalition meant that truly radical change was always going to be difficult.

Henry Smith MP welcomes Pay Rise for Workers in Crawley

Henry Smith MP has welcomed the news that families in Crawley can look forward to receiving a well-earned pay rise with a new National Living Wage (NLW) of £8.72 per hour from 1st April 2020, its biggest cash increase ever – and a rise from the current value of £8.21.