The Rule Of Six

This week has seen the new ‘rule of six’ for social gatherings introduced, which simplifies and strengthen the rules, helping to keep people safe and control the virus. Sadly, despite the sacrifices most of us have made over the last few months, the latest figures have shown an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, following what has been happening on the continent. While starting from a very low base, the numbers have been growing everywhere, with evidence showing that most infections have been happening in the home due to different households mixing.

Staying Alert, Maintaining Our Guard

Over the summer, the coronavirus rate in the UK dropped to low levels which was very welcome. This was especially so in West Sussex where we stayed well below the national average. However, the last few weeks have seen a significant increase in Europe and it appears that the major increases that we’ve seen in countries like Spain and France is starting to be replicated here.

Learning from Temporary Cycle Routes

During the lockdown, we all noticed how much less traffic there was on the roads, especially when out walking for daily exercise. This significantly changed the feel and nature of the roads at the time. The government wanted to see if these changes could be an opportunity to sustain these increases in walking and cycling, improving the environment and our health. The intentions were certainly good.

A Powerful Public Health Protection System

Due to the coronavirus, public health bodies have also become much more prominent, as well as the NHS. I was pleased to see last week that the government announced the creation of a National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP), bringing together the expertise of Public Health England with the enormous response capabilities of NHS Test and Trace and the Joint Biosecurity Centre, to ensure the control of infectious diseases and deal with pandemics, both now and in the future.

Putting Jobs First

Last week’s official employment and GDP statistics confirmed the impact of coronavirus on our economy, which is matching the global picture. This shows why it’s vital to protect and create jobs. As we move in to the second stage of our recovery from coronavirus, it is right that the focus is on how we can secure our economic recovery.

Re-Opening Our Schools

It may be summertime, but the new school year is not that far away. I was pleased to see last Sunday, that Prime Minister Boris Johnson highlighted how much of a national priority it is to get all pupils back into school in September.

Protecting and Recovering the Economy

The global economy has been badly hit due to a crisis like no other. Therefore, we are seeing unprecedented action by our government to support jobs and livelihoods across the UK with over £160 billion of support.

Eat Out To Help Out

Since Covid-19 hit, we have seen unprecedented support for both employees and the self-employed from the government. I’ve previously written about the airport and the difficulties it faces, and another significant local sector that has been hit terribly and accounts for many local businesses, is hospitality.

Working Together to meet Crawley's Challenges

Everybody knows the last four months have been difficult. Across the world, measures to contain the Coronavirus to levels where health services can cope, has meant severe economic consequences. Things will get better, but in the short term further economic pain is expected, resulting in negative impacts across the board.