Henry Smith MP Celebrates UK Stem Cell Register

Crawley MP and Blood Cancer All-Party Parliamentary Group Chair Henry Smith MP has shown his thanks for the 205,000 people who joined the UK stem cell register last year and has celebrated the 10th year of the UK Stem Cell Strategic Forum.

Delivering on Environmental Commitments

We will soon have a new Prime Minister, but I would like to pay tribute to our current Prime Minister Theresa May, whom I feel has done a good job in very difficult circumstances over the last three years, with what I regard as a dysfunctional parliament. Her strong sense of public service has been exceptional, and I believe she is widely respected for this across the political divide. While not being able to implement the EU referendum result on time will probably always be associated with her premiership, I believe that history will be more kind and one thing in particular will also be remembered.

Helping Parents at a Time of Need

A subject that can be difficult to talk about but which will happen to all of us is death. Understandably, it is something we don’t like to think about, whether it is about our loved ones or indeed ourselves. When someone has died, their death needs to be registered with the registrar. Once this is done other organisations and government departments need to be informed. West Sussex County Council operate the ‘The Tell Us Once’ service which makes this process as smooth as possible. While we expect death in old age and can plan for it, there is nothing worse than losing a child.

Politicians and Trust

Trust in our democracy as well as in those who represent us is important. It is normal to have a healthy scepticism and not just automatically accept everything that politicians say, but when there is a widespread breakdown in trust, almost everything politicians say is treated with cynicism, regardless of merit.