Acting Responsibly and Looking Out for Others

It may only be March but we already know what 2020 will be remembered for. We also know that the following two months are going to see our everyday lives change, not just here but across the world. The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in Europe for a generation and is likely to see measures, introduced at the right time, not normally seen in peacetime.

Meeting the Public Health Challenge

It I s apparent as March progresses that everyday lives are going to affected over the next few weeks, as we adapt to the impact of the Coronavirus and measures to address it. There is no need for panic but following good advice from known trusted sources will help. Unfortunately, fake news and misinformation spreads easily on social media so one simple thing we can all do is not share anything that is not easily cross-referenced from a credible source.

Investment In Flood Prevention Pays Off

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that we have just had our wettest February on record. This follows four previous months of very high rainfall, making it an exceptionally wet five-month period with a whole year’s average rainfall falling.

Henry Smith MP Welcomes Police Covenant Plans

Demands by Henry Smith MP to give Sussex Police officers more protection in and out of the job through a Police Covenant have moved a step closer to becoming reality as an eight-week consultation into the change got underway.

Controlling Our Borders with a Fair Immigration Policy

One of many things I like about our town is that we have people from many parts of the UK, Europe, the Commonwealth and the wider world living here. This helps make Crawley more interesting and global in our outlook, especially with having Gatwick Airport here and we are of course a very welcoming place.