Vote for Henry Smith - Conservative

This Thursday’s general election sees the UK decide its course for the next five years.  Not since 1983 have I seen anything that remotely resembles this election and history seems to be repeating itself.  I remember 1983 only too well, when the Labour party had lurched to the far-left with Michael Foot as leader, who was also viewed by many as being wholly unsuitable to become Prime Minister.

The 1983 Labour manifesto become known as ‘the longest suicide note in history’ because it was full of unelectable far-left policies such as unilateral nuclear disarmament, despite it being the height of the cold war.  Elected that year for the first time was a young firebrand MP called Jeremy Corbyn, who went on to spend the next 34 years opposing pretty much everything that makes our great country strong and safe, as well as  supporting anti-British causes and keeping some highly dubious company.  While the world has moved on, Jeremy Corbyn is still living in the 1983 era and still fighting that election.  

Labour will say I talk too much about Jeremy Corbyn but that is for good reason; because I have observed this man for 34 years and seen his extreme views and how dangerous to our country he would be if ever given any power.  Even the last Labour government from 1997 to 2010 made sure he never got anywhere near power, by never giving him the most junior of ministerial posts.  Surely this, along with the fact that 80% of his own MPs gave him an overwhelming no confidence vote last summer tells you everything you need to know? 

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour candidate in Crawley wasn’t even born in 1983 but that is exactly where we’ll be taken back to if Labour wins this Thursday.  I would urge any undecided voters to take a look at the Conservative manifesto online at, which addresses the serious issues our country faces over the coming years, whereas Labour’s manifesto is a wholly undeliverable wish list designed to maximise their vote but which is totally unaffordable and simply not credible for government.


Councillor Duncan Crow, Leader of Crawley Borough Council Conservative Group

7th June 2017