An Opportunity to Move On with Health, Education and Law and Order Priorities

After 2.5 years of opposition parties in parliament trying to subvert democracy, we now finally have an opportunity to break the deadlock and move our country forward. Labour have consistently put their own narrow short-term political advantage first, instead of getting Brexit sorted by refusing any deal agreed with the EU.  They even held out against a general election to break the deadlock, but had to succumb once other opposition parties agreed to one.  This general election is an opportunity to break the deadlock with a deal ready to be agreed by a new parliament, so that we can then focus solely on the domestic issues that matter to all of us.

The majority of Crawley residents I’ve canvassed want Brexit resolved and to move on.  It is clear that the only way to do this is by electing a Conservative Government. Should this not happen and Jeremy Corbyn enters Downing Street propped up by the SNP, we will have more dither and delay with another EU referendum and another referendum in Scotland to break up the UK. These two issues could be resolved with the deal Boris Johnston secured with the EU, just needing to pass through the new House of Commons.

We can then get on with an ambitious but realistic domestic agenda, including the biggest cash boost ever for the NHS with more invested in frontline services.  There will be £33.9 billion more for the NHS by 2023-24.  Cracking down on crime with 20,000 more police officers being recruited and ensuring criminals receive the punishment they deserve.  Funding in primary and secondary schools will increase by £14 billion so that every child can get a good education.

To make these investments in our public services requires a strong economy and it is only the Conservatives who have a good track record, with our economy nearly 20% larger since 2010 and unemployment down to its lowest level since the 1970s.  Labour has always failed on the economy and raised unemployment, so there will be no way for them to pay for all the ‘free stuff’ they are promising.   


Councillor Duncan Crow, Leader of Crawley Borough Council Conservative Group

6th November 2019