Europe's largest warship heads out to sea

Last week saw HMS Queen Elizabeth set out to sea for the very first time to begin sea trials. This new 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier is the largest and most powerful vessel ever built for the Royal Navy and is the first of two new aircraft carriers being built, the second being HMS Prince of Wales which is under construction. The flight deck is the size of three football pitches and once in service can operate with a crew of 1,000 and 40 aircraft. In terms of our naval power on the world stage, Britain is back!

United against Hatred and Intolerance

The last three months have seen some of the worst and most appalling terror attacks our country has seen in decades - in Westminster, the Manchester Arena, London Bridge and Finsbury Park. These vile acts of terrorism represent the very worst of humanity as they seek to kill and horrifically injure innocent people, and spread fear, intolerance and hate among us.

A United Community

Writing a weekly newspaper column with a submission deadline two days before publication, means that events can change during the week it is viewed. The bank holiday on May 29th leads to an even earlier requested submission, meaning that I am writing this on the evening of Wednesday 24th May, less than 48 hours since the appalling terrorist atrocity in Manchester but nearly a week before publication, not knowing what may happen in the coming week.

Labour's hostility to Fairness and Merit

Last Friday evening was the Annual Council meeting at Crawley Borough Council. Since 2014 when Labour took political control of the Council, we have seen this annual meeting showcase Labour’s arrogance towards democracy and display contempt for those who don’t support Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

The Choice at the General Election

We are now only three weeks away from the general election. At previous general elections, I have sometimes heard negative feedback saying “you are all the same” and that “it makes no difference whoever gets in”. I have not heard such feedback this time which doesn’t surprise me as the differences between the two choices could not be any greater.

Conservative County Council Election Success in Crawley

Last week’s West Sussex County Council elections saw the Conservatives win in Crawley by almost 2,000 votes over Labour which equated to a Conservative vote share in Crawley of 46% to Labour’s 38%. We were delighted to gain the Three Bridges County Council seat from Labour to take our Crawley total to four County Councillors to Labour’s five.

Your Choice at the West Sussex County Council Elections

It was a surprise when it was announced last week that there would be a general election on the 8th of June. Now that it is happening, I can see that gaining a mandate for Theresa May from the country will strengthen Britain’s negotiating position as we leave the EU. I also see the move as courageous because there was three years to run of this five-year parliament, but where Gordon Brown failed in seeking a mandate by not calling a general election when he became Prime Minister in 2007, Theresa May has bravely put her trust in the people to make the right choice for our county’s future.

Parking Provision - Learning from Past Mistakes

Residents in many of Crawley’s neighbourhoods will know that poor planning in the past with a lack of foresight about future car ownership, has led to today’s parking difficulties where some streets simply do not have enough parking provision. While the past may be history, what I find frustrating is that with Labour at the helm at Crawley Borough Council, that yesterday’s mistakes are still being made today.

West Sussex County Council - Working for Crawley

Championing Crawley comes naturally to me because we have so much going for our town. I certainly don’t need to invoke any politics of envy to make a good case as to why Crawley should have something. For political reasons, Labour pitch us here in Crawley as being some sort of victim of the rest of West Sussex as well as pitching Crawley Borough Council against West Sussex County Council.

A Bright Future on leaving the European Union

Wednesday the 29th of March sees the much-anticipated triggering of Article 50 which starts the formal process of the UK leaving the European Union. I am optimistic about our leaving of the EU and I believe that our country has a very bright future as a uniquely placed outwardly looking global nation.