Hundreds of Crawley Businesses receive Government Coronavirus Support

· The Government has distributed over £12 billion to local authorities for the Small Business Grants Scheme.
· More than £6 billion has already been paid out to half a million business properties.
· For Crawley, in excess of £12 million has been allocated to support up to 854 firms.

Our Great Collective Effort

Along with the fantastic community effort in helping and supporting each other in Crawley, our local councils are at the forefront of helping the most vulnerable. This is commendable and it is right to recognise that local government is under great pressure as income reduces and costs rise.

Leadership in Challenging Times

It was a wonderful lift for the nation’s spirits on Easter Sunday to see our Prime Minister well enough to leave hospital. While fighting a battle for our country against the Conoravirus pandemic, Boris ended up having to fight his own very personal battle with his life in the balance. Had he not survived, as well as the obvious personal tragedy, it would have been a tragedy for our country at the very moment we need strong and effective leadership.

Easter and the Breadth of Sacrifice

The Easter weekend is approaching but sadly it will not be normal and it will not be a holiday. The Easter story is of course about the ultimate sacrifice being made for all of us and this year it feels that its relevance is particularly poignant.