Henry Smith MP praises Scale of Government Support for West Sussex during Coronavirus

· Total Government support for local government and communities since the beginning of the pandemic is almost £27 billion.
· This includes direct support for local authorities, emergency funding to support rough sleepers, business rates relief, grants for small business and support for local transport systems.
· Local authorities have received an additional £3.8 billion to ensure they have the resources they need to respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) and deal with additional pressures on social care.
· Councils in West Sussex allocated total of £45 million to continue providing essential services and support to those who need it the most.

Towards A Vaccine

The fortitude and community spirit that the majority of people here in Crawley have shown over these last two months has been truly commendable. We hear heart-breaking news each day but the corner has been turned and thankfully the pandemic is claiming less victims each week. We’ve all played a part in limiting the transmission of the coronavirus and it’s still up to us to continue this, as we practice social distancing until such time that enough progress has been made to reduce this practice.

Roadmap to a New Normal

It was good to see Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a roadmap for how we tentatively start to get things moving again. Coming out of lockdown measures is of course incredibly complicated. There is simply no way that a switch can be flicked, and everything return to how it was, if we are to ensure that new Coronavirus infections are kept low, with the R rate kept below 1.

A Path Towards Recovery

This week, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will set out a comprehensive plan on how our nation will continue to suppress the coronavirus, while re-starting the economy, getting our children back to school and making travel to work and the workplace safer. Thanks to our massive collective effort to shield the NHS, we’ve avoided an uncontrollable and catastrophic epidemic where the reasonable worst-case scenario was a frightening 500,000 deaths.