Litter and Rat Control

The Brown Rat has only been in Great Britain for about 300 years and has spread virtually over the entire planet, basically wherever humans are. Last week I observed rats in Crawley on three separate days including twice during the day, despite the fact that rats are mainly a nocturnal species. This suggests to me that their local population has soared, probably helped by a hot summer and warm autumn plus ample food sources. I was particularly concerned to observe rats in Crawley’s Memorial Gardens on two successive days. An average rat produces 40 droppings a day and urinates frequently. These are major disease risks as well as being unpleasant to come into contact with.


Last weekend’s Remembrance was a memorable occasion that will stay with us. After one hundred years since its end, the First World War has all but faded from living memory except for a very few who were young children at the time, but it will stay in our nation’s consciousness.