Rising CO2 Emissions - An Inconvenient Truth

The ever-increasing release of CO2 into the atmosphere is very concerning and needs tackling urgently, because the best available science to us predicts very serious and irreversible consequences for our planet through climate change.

Crawley MP welcomes Biggest Ever Increase to the National Living Wage

Henry Smith MP has welcomed the news that more than 188,000 people in south east England working on the National Living Wage are receiving a 5 per cent pay rise, worth an extra £690 over the course of the year, in the biggest pay rise for low paid workers in 20 years.

Helping Working People

One of the key differences between the Labour and Conservative parties is that Labour like to make people dependent on the state while the Conservatives like to free people from state dependency. The former is about control over people’s lives and the latter about liberation.

The Crawley Messenger

The Crawley Messenger promoting a positive Conservative agenda for Crawley and the Borough Council Elections on Thursday 2nd May.

The Brexit Impasse

The biggest issue by far at the moment that local people are raising with me is Brexit. This week on Friday 29th March was supposed to be the day we left the EU and entered the transition phase. The antics of Westminster MPs have delayed this until April or May, but there is a risk of a longer delay and with that comes even more uncertainty for our economy.

Henry Smith MP Welcomes 2019 Spring Statement

Henry Smith MP has hailed the UK’s public finances as reaching a turning point following the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Spring Statement, with the independent economic outlook showing a solid foundation on which to build Britain’s economic future.