Shopping and Entertainment on our Doorstep


Crawley Borough Council is pleased to be working with the Crawley Times and Crawley Observer in promoting local trade in Crawley.  It is so important at this time of year to boostCrawley shops in the most natural way possible – by providing them with our custom.  Apart from the benefits to our local economy, there are also arguments around sustainability and the environment in terms of our use of transport.

Our national economy is beginning to recover and it would be great if we could provide a fillip to our local economy as well.  A sales boost over the Christmas and New Year period would be most welcome and a demonstration of confidence in our community.  We would then be well placed to lead other areas in our economic recovery and this has happened historically withCrawleyemerging more rapidly from previous recessions.

We are fortunate to have many driven and hard-working people and businesses helping us in the town centre, notably through the Town Centre Partnership.  Part of their work is to help make the town centre special during the Christmas period, to make it an even more attractive place to visit at this time.  Here are a few events that are lined up forQueens Square:

4th to 6th December                Roller Disco    4-8pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday                 

12th December                        Christmas Craft Market with live music,9am-6pm

13th December                        Christmas Music and Entertainment,11am-4pm

19th to 20th December            Winter Wonderland,11am-4pm, with snow machines, snowboard simulator, live statues, mime artists

Lovers of irony and believers in fate would appreciate us having a real snowfall on 19th and 20th December.  You can see a full range of events on and then clicking on “News and Events”.  The list includes activities at The Hawth, adventure playgrounds, Crawley Library and other venues.  It even includes Council committee meetings with the Full Council on 16th December providing what some might call alternative theatre.

Getting out and about hopefully provides a more authentic and vibrant alternative to the television schedule whose producers are even now scrambling to address the desperate shortage of food and cookery programmes.  Some television will justifiably retain its hold on us through skilful use of suspense and glamour although continually being told on X Factor about the best-selling pop artist “of all time” can become rather grating – as though world history started just 50 years ago.

In Crawley, we can use the festive period to face down the recession and renew our confidence in the future.  It is a lesson of our history that we can do this successfully.



Councillor Bob Lanzer, Leader of Crawley Borough Council

25th November 2009