A Positive Agenda for Crawley

Next week, Crawley Borough Council has a one-off whole Council election to elect all 36 Councillors.  This opportunity will significantly shape the Council for several years. We have had a positive campaign and have set out in our local manifesto how we will improve the running of our local Council for the benefit of Crawley.  For example, it is only Conservatives who are committed to improving Crawley’s residential neighbourhood parking.

Every Crawley resident who struggles to park in their own street needs to be aware that it was the current Labour Administration at Crawley Borough Council, who scrapped Crawley’s annual £1.3 million programme that created additional on-street parking spaces out of surplus grass verges in areas with severe parking problems. The fact that this money (your money!) has been diverted to Labour’s pet project of a grand new Crawley Town Hall building leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.          

With Crawley Conservatives, residents and our neighbourhoods always come first.  A new Conservative Council will bring back Crawley’s programme that created neighbourhood parking spaces each and every year, ending Labour’s war on Crawley motorists.

This is a local election and it is about who represents you locally.  Across Crawley, Conservative Councillors do a great job all year round in representing and looking the neighbourhoods we represent.  We are also very loyal and fully committed to the neighbourhoods we love and serve.  All our Councillors seeking re-election are doing so in the same neighbourhoods they currently represent.

The same cannot be said of Labour, where Neighbourhood Councillor positions appear to be treated as commodities.  For example, one current Ifield Labour Councillor is standing for election in Furnace Green (calling herself Cllr in local leaflets, giving a false impression she’s a Furnace Green Councillor), a Northgate Councillor is standing in Ifield, and a West Green Councillor is standing in Bewbush.  Also, the majority (9/15) of Labour candidates in Crawley’s most marginal wards have withheld their addresses on the ballot papers (it says “Address in Crawley”) which in most cases hides the fact they are not local.  Look out for that when you vote.



Councillor Duncan Crow, Leader of Crawley Borough Council Conservative Group

24th April 2019