Labour - Not up to the Job

Both locally and nationally, I see first-hand the bogus claims and the hypocrisy that Labour peddles. I wrote here a fortnight ago about the appalling state of Crawley’s grass verges and despite fine weather over the last fortnight, many of our neighbourhoods still look like jungles as I write on Sunday afternoon.  Yet Labour leaflets in Crawley both now and in previous years claim improved grass cutting and had the audacity to criticise grass cutting in the town when we Conservatives ran the Council.    

As sure as night follows day, for all the grand promises that Labour make, they simply don’t deliver on them.  Local grass verges are one thing, but when it comes to national government, history has proven that Labour don’t know how to handle the economy and we all know what that means from last time - more debt, higher taxes and fewer jobs.  Labour’s discredited socialist agenda based on the politics of envy, would inevitably mean that everyone pays the price when they crash the economy once again.  Every Labour government has left office with unemployment higher than when it started.  

Jeremy Corbyn and his inner circle are not up to the job.  He consistently breaks promises - whether it is his pledge on student debt, renewing our Trident defence system, or standing up to extremists in his party who do and say things that don’t belong in civilised public life.  On Brexit, one of the biggest issues facing our country, Labour are working to frustrate it, rather than make it a success, and they have no interest in sensible border control.   

In stark contrast, the Conservatives are building an economy that works for everyone.  We’ve cut income tax, frozen fuel duty, increased the living wage, boosted pensions, and cut student loan repayments to give people a bit more help with the cost of living.  We are taking a balanced approach: getting our debt falling, while also supporting our public services like the NHS and investing in the infrastructure and skills we need for the future, as well as helping people with the cost of living.


Councillor Duncan Crow, Leader of Crawley Borough Council Conservative Group

16th May 2018