Investing In Our NHS

At some point in our lives, all of us will need to use our National Health Service.  Even if we fortunate to have good health, it is reassuring to know that the NHS is there for us should we unexpectedly need it.  The NHS is always there for us, is always free at the point of use, and will always continue to be so.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it his immediate task to make sure our frontline services have the funding they need, to make a real difference to the lives of NHS staff, and above all, of patients.

This is why the Conservative Government are delivering an additional £33.9 billion for the NHS by 2023/24, so it can continue to be the best healthcare service in the world.  This year is seeing an initial £6.2 billion increase in spending.  As well as funding for frontline services, we are also seeing upgrades for twenty hospitals across the country and forty new ones will be built.

Last Thursday was World Mental Health Day, which is timely as £2.3 billion of the £33.9 billion funding boost for the NHS will be spent on mental health services.  This will improve services with a particular focus on prevention, community services and young people.

At the heart of our NHS are the people who work for it.  Our Conservative Government recognises this and are supporting the NHS workforce to continue delivering world class care.  A £210 million funding boost for frontline NHS staff has been announced, including a £1,000 personal development budget for every nurse, midwife and allied health professional to support delivery of the NHS’ long term plan.

While not seeking to make an overtly political point, it is worth noting that since the Conservatives have been in government since 2010, there are already over 17,100 more doctors and over 16,900 more nurses on our wards.  This does go against the narrative of our political opponents who like to portray us as somehow making huge cuts to the NHS, when the facts show that spending and investment continues to rise.  


Councillor Duncan Crow, Leader of Crawley Borough Council Conservative Group

13th October 2019