Historic Political Agreement at Crawley Borough Council

Crawley is facing greater challenges than it has ever known before in the life of the New Town. We are in the midst of a pandemic, with thousands of local jobs at risk, and a multi-million pound budget gap in the council’s finances has opened up in the fight against COVID-19.

Against this backdrop, the council has moved into No Overall Control, leaving no party able to govern by itself. This risks paralysis at the very time the community needs it most.

In these unprecedented times, we as elected representatives owe it to those we serve to put party politics to one side and focus on getting the town through this crisis. This agreement ensures the council has the stability it needs to address the problems our community is facing, leaving it to the voters to decide who controls the council at the local elections next May.


Peter Lamb, Leader of the Labour Group

Duncan Crow, Leader of the Conservative Group

An agreement between the Labour and Conservative Groups is attached to this article.


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