Henry Smith re-elected to serve as Member of Parliament for Crawley

Henry Smith has been re-elected as Member of Parliament for Crawley to serve a third term in the House of Commons.

The Crawley MP received 25,426 votes, a share of 50.6%; both figures represent an increase on Henry’s result at the 2015 poll. Voter turnout was 68.5%.


Henry said;

“It’s an honour to be re-elected to continue serving Crawley as its Member of Parliament.

“I look forward to pursuing further the issues which were raised with me on the doorstep – these include continuing to increase employment, public services, funding for local schools, animal welfare and of course our exit from the European Union.

“As ever I’m grateful for the support of my family, who not only helped me win this election but have enabled me to serve over the last seven years.

“In particular, I wish to thank my election agent, Cllr Tom Liddiard, and the Chairman of Crawley Conservative Association, Cllr Bob Burgess, as well as Association members and supporters who knocked on doors, delivered literature, made phone calls and bundled up leaflets so they were ready to go out across the whole town.

“This really was a team effort and I’m extremely grateful for your support.

“Campaign volunteers are part of the lifeblood of our democracy, and we should never take our free electoral process for granted.

“I think I know Crawley politics pretty well – mess with Crawley at your peril! I’m here to serve the whole town - there’s lots of work to be getting on with.”


The result was announced at 4am on Friday 9th June at K2 Leisure Centre by the Acting Returning Officer, Ann-Maria Brown.

Henry was also quick to reiterate his commitment to standing up for the whole town;

“While I’m pleased to have received more than half the votes cast, I’m also conscious that many people didn’t put their cross next to my name on the ballot paper. I’ll strive to try and represent, to the best of my ability, all people in Crawley regardless of political preference.

“I want to pay tribute to my opponents for the campaigns they ran.

“My thanks to the Acting Returning Officer and Crawley Borough Council staff who worked through the day and night to ensure the smooth running of the poll, and the local police who ensured safety and security.”


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Henry Smith MP’s speech following the declaration of the Crawley general election result:


Good morning, Crawley. I also appreciate it’s 4am, so I’ll be brief.

Acting Returning Officer, counting agents, thank you for all of the hard work that you have done in yet again making sure that our democracy here in Crawley runs smoothly.

I would also like to pay tribute to my two opponents in this election, both Tim and Marko for fighting excellent campaigns – I was very impressed by their contribution. And I’d like to say to them, as I’ve said in the past, that I have lost elections here in Crawley as well as winning them, and I know how you feel, and I feel for you.

Being a Member of Parliament is a huge honour and it has been my honour to represent Crawley in Westminster since 2010, and I’m very humbled that I’ve been given that opportunity to continue in the new parliament.

But I’m also conscious that many people didn’t choose me on the ballot paper, and I will strive to try and represent, to the best of my ability, all people in Crawley; this truly is a fantastic town.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to pay tribute to my fantastic campaign team, who once again have put together the most comprehensive campaign and who without I wouldn’t be standing here as the victorious candidate this evening.

It’s always invidious to pick out individuals, but I would like to mention my agent, Tom Liddiard, who is assiduous in putting together such a fantastic result, but also to the members of Crawley Conservative Association, the councillors, and a couple of members of my family who are here this evening for their forbearance and work on my behalf.

So, at three minutes past four, I’ll wish Crawley good morning again.