Henry Smith MP welcomes progress on Deliverying a Better Rail Deal for Football Fans

Henry Smith MP has welcomed the news that significant progress has been made in discussions between the Government, representatives from the rail industry and football authorities on achieving a fairer deal for football fans when matches are rapidly rescheduled.

The Rail Minister, Andrew Jones MP, has brought together football authorities, British Transport Police and the Rail Delivery Group, representing train companies and Network Rail, to secure an agreement that will see the Premier League working on a package of measures with the rail industry to improve the railways for all users on match days.

The measures will focus on encouraging more people to travel to football matches by train and ensure that passengers should not have to pay more for their train tickets in the event a match is rescheduled for TV.


Henry said;

“It’s fantastic news that the Government is looking at how to make train travel easier and safer for football fans.

“Matches can often be rescheduled at very late notice, so anything that can be done to make ticketing more flexible for fans is hugely welcome.

“I look forward to hearing what progress can be made in the coming weeks.”


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