Henry Smith MP supporting Conservatives for Britain


Henry Smith MP has declared his backing for Conservatives for Britain, a new campaign group to represent Conservative supporters who want to see fundamental change in Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

Henry said;

“While the UK’s relationship with the European Union is untenable as it stands, my Conservatives for Britain colleagues and I support the Prime Minister in his continued work to negotiate a better deal.

A key part of the general election campaign was that a Conservative majority government would legislate for an in/out EU referendum. Within the first month of parliament sitting following the election, I was pleased to vote for the second reading of the EU Referendum Bill.

“The Prime Minister has already enjoyed success on the continent. David Cameron kept the United Kingdom out of a centralising EU fiscal treaty, and took us out of the Eurozone bailouts.

“A recurring issue that people in Crawley talk to me about is the importance of reforming our relationship with the EU – followed by a referendum.”


A recent report from Business for Britain highlighted ten areas for reform indicated by the Prime Minister. These are;

  • an end to ‘ever closer union’
  • reduced regulation for small businesses and start-ups
  • domestic control over social and employment law
  • protection for the City
  • exemption from Eurozone intervention
  • fast-track trade deals
  • a reduced EU budget
  • greater transparency
  • migration controls for member states
  • the right for Britain to veto EU laws


Henry continued;

“I’m looking forward to working with Conservatives for Britain colleagues and supporters to see the extent to which those goals have been met in the renegotiation package – and of course, whether they are sufficient to recommend continued EU membership to the British people.”


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10th June 2015


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