Henry Smith MP secures House of Commons Debate on NHS Provision

Henry Smith MP has secured a House of Commons debate (scheduled for 2.30pm on Friday, 23rd November) on the National Health Service ahead of the upcoming publication of the NHS England Long-Term Plan.

The debate, entitled ‘NHS England’s Long-Term Plan on Blood Cancer’, will see Henry raise issues affecting blood cancer patients and the wider community in Crawley, including access to treatments, mental health provision and GP services.


Henry said;

“I’m pleased to have this opportunity to raise issues of importance to blood cancer and other NHS patients in Crawley.

“For people on ‘Watch and Wait’ – where you know you have blood cancer but aren’t in a position to start treatment – it’s vital they receive the psychological support anyone would expect to be provided with after a cancer diagnosis.

“The Government’s Long-Term Plan for the NHS needs to focus on all aspects of health provision, not just hospitals. The average GP will see eight cancer cases a year with just one of these being blood cancer.

“Increased awareness of the symptoms of blood cancer, such as fatigue, unexplained weight loss and easy bruising or bleeding, will help reduce the number of visits to a local surgery that someone with symptoms may need.

“One in six blood cancer patients have to visit their GP three or four times before being diagnosed with the condition, compared to one in 42 patients with breast cancer.

“The NHS Plan also needs to ensure resources are in place for patients to be seen – whatever they need to see a GP about – at their local surgery; a point I continue to pursue with the Government.”


Henry’s debate will be streamed live on: www.parliamentlive.tv


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