Henry Smith MP Questions Prime Minister in Parliament on Covid-19 Aviation Support

Henry Smith MP has questioned the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson (on Monday, 11th May), about the need for support for the Crawley and Gatwick aviation sector in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Crawley MP was using the new procedure for asking questions to Government ministers remotely, as the House of Commons adapts to COVID-19 by enabling parliamentarians to carry out scrutiny of the executive remotely.


Speaking after asking his question, Henry said;

“Today I’m continuing my call on the Government for greater support for the Crawley and Gatwick aviation industry.

“This issue is about far more than the airlines which are household names, it’s a subject which goes to the heart of the Crawley economy and affects workers and families throughout Crawley and further afield.

“Support for such employers at this time is vital as it’s these companies which provide employment, create wealth, and offer opportunities for trade and prosperity.”


Henry’s question follows his letter to the Prime Minister on this subject which was sent earlier today, and signed by all West Sussex Members of Parliament who are not serving Government ministers.


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