Henry Smith MP: Employment reaches a Record High as Wages rise at Fastest Pace in a Decade

Figures released this month show wages have risen at their fastest pace in 10 years as employment reaches a record high, with more than 32.5 million people currently in work.

In Crawley, the number of people who are claiming key out-of-work benefits has fallen by 1,303 since 2010 – an overall reduction of 49 per cent.


Henry said;

“These figures show the balanced approach to the economy is working. This is the biggest rise in wages for a decade and with wages rising faster than prices, hard-working people can keep more of what they earn.

“Reforms are helping more people into work, and through the modern Industrial Strategy, we’re seeing businesses get the backing to create more, higher-paying jobs across the whole country.”

In the south east of England, there are over 4,600,000 people in work – meaning in excess of 408,000 more people have the security of a job since 2010.

Henry continued;

“More people than ever before have the security of a regular pay packet, wages are continuing to rise faster than prices so people’s pay goes further.

“Behind every employment number is a person and a family whose self-esteem, mental wellbeing, economic circumstances and life chances are all vastly improved by being in work.”


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