Go Ahead for Kilnwood Vale

The new Kilnwood Vale neighbourhood, west of Bewbush, is to go ahead.  This is the result of great partnership working between Crawley Borough Council, Horsham District Council and the developers.  The development is entirely within the area of Horsham District Council.

There will be approximately 2,500 dwellings and a neighbourhood centre including retail, a community building with library facility; a public house, primary care centre and care home.  Land is set aside for a primary school and nursery; employment uses, an energy centre and amenity space.

Crawley Borough Council agreed on 19th October to dispose of three small parcels of land to enable this very worthwhile development.  It is expected that many Crawley people will find housing in the new development.  Crawley will receive half of the nomination rights for the affordable housing element within the scheme.  This is a totally good news story that provides new housing to support economic growth and employment, as well as reducing housing density pressures within Crawley.

Incredibly, Labour Councillors in Crawley voted against the enabling of this development through a minor land disposal.  This is very difficult attitude to understand.  Why would people try and stop such a worthwhile development?  Most parts of the country would be grateful for this new level of economic activity.