Delivering Brexit and Looking Beyond

Most people want to see Brexit resolved so that the Government can focus on the issues that do affect most people’s lives.  Boris recognises this and is bringing in a strong domestic legislative programme through a new Queens Speech in October.  Ordinary people feel that getting Brexit sorted is long overdue and that any further extensions so that MPs can carry on arguing among themselves but agree nothing constructive, is pointless.

Parliament is out of step with public opinion and brought us to where we are now.  Labour wanting further extensions and ‘no deal’ to be ruled out is more about wanting to bring down the Government and seize power themselves, rather than having any constructive ideas themselves.  Ruling out ‘no deal’ makes it harder for the UK to get an improved deal.  The EU haven’t budged because they believe Parliament will block ‘no deal’ so the current impasse continues.

Boris is right in that we must get Brexit delivered by the end of next month.  Three years of Parliament trying to stop the democratic vote of the people is long enough.  He is right to seriously prepare to leave without a deal, which makes getting a deal more likely.  

We seem to live in an age of hysteria.  Leaving without a deal is not ideal, but absolutely nothing like the absurd claims I’ve seen of it being comparable to the Second World War.  Exactly 20 years ago, I recall fears about the Millennium Bug with some saying society would come crashing down.  Well, we are still here but now we have social media to fuel hysteria, where measured thought and a sense of perspective come a poor second.

If we leave the EU without a deal next month, a deal is likely to be agreed soon afterwards.  Ironically, the more the doomsayers are correct about any difficulties, the more likely it is a deal will then get agreed quickly - we won’t stop talking to the EU in November.  Therefore, I’m confident a deal will get agreed either before or after Brexit - but we must leave next month.


Councillor Duncan Crow, Leader of Crawley Borough Council Conservative Group

4th September 2019