Crawley Labour wrong about The Hawth - again

Crawley Labour have got it all wrong about The Hawth Theatre yet again.  These are the same Socialist Councillors who walked out of the Council Chamber rather than debate the future of Crawley's brilliant theatre.  Presumably they were opposed to the 10 years of £253,000 annual savings that help to protect Crawley Borough Council's front-line services? There are two great letters in this week's Crawley News.  They show how some noisy comments from Crawley Labour Councillors are just that - noise rather than knowledge. The Hawth Theatre, now run by Parkwood Leisure, has had a booking fee since the beginning of the year.  It's standard practice.  It helps run the place. 

Please take a look at the two letters.  They rubbish Labour's claims which are just based on political dogma rather than any rational argument.  And these are the people who would want to run Crawley Council.  If Labour is the answer, it must be a really odd question.