Supporting the NHS

I have long taken the view that ideally as a country, we should be able to produce the doctors and nurses that we need. However in reality, we haven’t been able to so for decades and it has been hardworking doctors and nurses from abroad who have ensured that we haven’t had major shortages in our health service.

The Need to Revitalise our Town Centre

Our economy continues to perform well under the Conservatives but we should never take a healthy economy for granted. Doing so is possible when we’ve had eight years of economic growth with our economy now being 17% larger than in 2010. My expectation is it will be when we as a country do take a strong economy for granted, that we end up with the next Labour Government. Of course, those of us with long memories know what will then mean for our economy.

Local MP Lambasts Rail Line Lateness

Crawley MP Henry Smith has condemned Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), operator of Thameslink and Southern Railway services, in the House of Commons (on Monday, 4th June) for their treatment of passengers following network-wide timetable changes which came into effect on 20th May.