Local News

Henry Smith MP goes on Three Bridges Train Depot Whistle Stop Tour

Crawley MP Henry Smith attended the Three Bridges Traincare Facility Open Day on Saturday (14th October), where the site was available for Crawley residents to visit by Siemens as part of its Whistle Stop Tour series, for a behind the scenes look at what goes on to make trains safe, reliable and comfortable.

Henry Smith MP calls for Crawley Hammer Attacker to be Deported

Henry Smith MP has called on the Justice Secretary in the House of Commons to ensure that an Afghan national who attacked two Sussex Police officers with a claw hammer last year is deported immediately upon his release from prison.

Tax and Pension Policy to Help Everyone

A key priority for Conservatives is helping ordinary working families with the cost of living. nThis includes making work pay by ensuring that you keep more by being in work than you would if on benefits. This year saw the Personal Tax Allowance increased by more than inflation for the seventh consecutive year, raising it to £11.500. As a result of these changes, a typical basic rate taxpayer will now pay £1,005 less income tax in 2017-18 than in 2010-11.

Henry Smith MP backing Local Children's Hospice

Henry Smith MP has demonstrated his continued support for Chestnut Tree House, the only children’s hospice offering vital palliative care in Sussex, at their recent business networking event held at Crawley Town Football Club’s Checkatrade.com Stadium.

Crawley MP calls for Review of Security after Gatwick Drone Incident

Henry Smith MP has questioned the Security Minister in the House of Commons (Monday, 3rd July) over the use of drones near to UK airports following a device in the air near Gatwick Airport forcing a runway closure and diversion of flights on the evening of 2nd July.

Learning from Horrific Events

All of us have been shocked and saddened by the horror and tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in London last week. As I write at the weekend following the fire, many facts remain unknown and it is absolutely right that a full public inquiry will take place to leave no stone unturned in establishing the facts. While lessens need to be learnt, it is already clear that something, or more likely a terrible and deadly combination of several things, went badly wrong. There is potential for criminal charges so I will refrain from speculating as to the causes and why the fire spread so quickly in a way that building designs and safety regulations should never have allowed possible.

Outcomes of the General Election

Crawley will be very well served with the re-election of Henry Smith as our MP. I was delighted to see Henry winning with over 50% of the Crawley vote, which was only the second time in the last four decades that any candidate has polled over 50% in any Crawley parliamentary election. Knowing him as I do, I genuinely believe that Henry Smith was by far the best candidate who is also the most committed to our town.