Local News

Labour's Council Tax Misery

  Conservative Crawley Borough Council’s seventh budget was carried on 27th February.  It freezes Council Tax for the third successive year, adds £4.6 million to the 2015/16 capital programme, giving a total spend of nearly £80 million from 2012 to 2016, one of the largest for any district council in the country.

Labour's Legacy

At last night’s Full Council meeting, Labour claimed that when the Conservatives leave office we would leave a worse legacy than them.

Proposed K2 Crawley Changes put on hold by new Cabinet Member for Leisure and Cultural Services

 Radical plans to expand gymnastics provision at  K2 Crawley Leisure Centre and to create the potential to cater for bigger events  and concerts, have been put on hold, pending further review, by Councillor Duncan Crow, Crawley Borough Council’s new Cabinet Member for Leisure and Cultural Services.  Councillor Crow has signalled his intention to take a fresh look at all possible options, as well as to meet with and listen to the concerns of gymnasts and bowlers, who potentially were looking at the existing indoor bowls facilities being removed.

New Homes in Three Bridges

The first houses at Arun Close, Three Bridges have been handed over to delighted new residents.   

Southgate Post Office

 On 7th January, Southgate Post Office became the first in Crawley to open as a new-style local branch. 

Labour Opposed Town Hall Vending Machine Savings

Crawley Borough Council conducted a short review in to its Facilities Management services, with a report being produced in September 2010.  One of the recommendations agreed was a reduction in the Town Hall Attendant staffing levels of two posts, both of which were vacant at that time.

Crawley Labour - Opposition for its Own Sake

 I maintain a list of key achievements delivered by the Conservative Crawley Borough Council since May 2006.  It is understandable that the Labour Opposition should have wished to suggest alternative courses of action for some of these initiatives but their resistance to others is less easy to understand.  Sometimes the opposition seems dogmatic, opportunistic and for its own sake.

Crawley Labour wrong about The Hawth - again

Crawley Labour have got it all wrong about The Hawth Theatre yet again.  These are the same Socialist Councillors who walked out of the Council Chamber rather than debate the future of Crawley's brilliant theatre.

The First Police and Crime Commissioners

 Last Friday, we saw the election of the first PCCs (Police and Crime Commissioners).  Katy Bourne, the Conservative Party candidate, was elected for all of Sussex.  I congratulate Katy and wish her well in her new role.  She is very able and I am confident that she will serve our county well.