Local News

Henry Smith MP welcomes Record High Employment

Henry Smith MP has welcomed official jobs figures which show that in the south east of England, there are now 4,673,609 people in work; meaning that 481,270 more people have the security of a job and a wage compared with 2010.

Crawley Conservative Parliamentary Candidate on New Research showing 10 per cent Increase in Energy Bills in South East England as a Result of Labour's Renationalisation Plans

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley, Henry Smith, has branded Labour’s plans to renationalise the energy system as an “ideological crusade that will leave people worse off”, in the light of new research showing that billpayers in the south east of England will be left with higher bills to pick up the tab.

Strengthening Our NHS

Conservative governments have been successfully running our NHS for 44 of its 71 years, and absolutely believe it must be there for everyone in the country to rely on free at the point of use. Yet despite this, ahead of every single election Labour scaremonger that the NHS will be either privatised or sold off.