Politics and Sport

I used to think that politics should be kept out of sport but my view is changing. I recently enjoyed watching some of the Winter Olympics from Pyeongchang in South Korea and supporting Team GB. Last weekend I spoke with a friend in Korea, so naturally I asked if he had enjoyed the recent Winter Olympics held in his country.

Meeting Our Housing Need

Arguably the biggest issue we have in Crawley and indeed across the wider South-East of England is the availability and affordability of housing. We need housing for all types of tenure including homes to buy. Over the last 20 years, the supply of housing has not kept up with the UK’s population increase, which has been growing annually at half a million people for many years.

Domestic Abuse and Registering to Vote Anonymously

Being stuck in an abusive, controlling and violent relationship is terrible and I cannot politely write here what I think about the perpetrators who use violence and fear to control their partners. It is mostly women who are the victims, although not exclusively so, and escaping such an environment and then rebuilding your life can be very traumatic.

Helping People to become the Best That They Can Be

A fundamental reason as to why I have always been a Conservative is that I believe in aspiration and helping people to become the best they can be. One of the best ways to improve prospects for our young people is through education, with further and higher education enabling greater opportunities. I am therefore delighted to see that information released by UCAS (The University and Colleges Admission Service) shows that University applications in Crawley in 2018 have seen a 40% increase, rising from 25% of 18 year-olds applying in 2009 to 35% in 2018.

Sound Management of the Economy

There is never a time when everything is perfect and there will always be things we want to see improved, but we are however continuing to see real facts that our economy is in good shape with the Conservatives at the helm. It is only by having a successful economy that we as a country can fund the things we want. This is a fact that the Labour Party conveniently forgets. Socialists are great at being generous with other people’s money, but whenever they come to power they’ve always blown the economic legacy they’ve inherited, leaving others to clear up their mess.

Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation

Historically, loneliness hasn’t been very high on political agendas, although I do recall a year ago one of my Borough Council Conservative colleagues asking a question at a Full Council meeting, if the Council did anything to help combat loneliness.

Working Together to meet the Demands on the NHS

Up to five million people in the UK last week had flu or flu-like symptoms. A bad winter flu season with record numbers of patients seeking treatment has compounded the pressures the NHS has, with the increasingly complex needs of a growing and ageing population. In recognising the likely winter pressures, there has been a long-running health campaign to urge take-up of the flu jab among vulnerable groups, which has been strongly supported by West Sussex County Council.

Admit an Error or Hide an Error

In politics, it can be a ‘cover-up’ that is worse than the original error or bad news. When a government or council makes an error, I believe that it is better to be upfront that something hasn’t gone right and to learn from mistakes, rather than to try and hide it.

A Triumph for Green Energy in Britain

2018 is here and I wish you all a very happy new year. At the end of each year, it is normal to look back over the year just gone, but sometimes it can be many years in the future before a major significance of a particular year is widely recognised.

Labour loses money for Crawley Council Housing

Over Christmas and in the middle of winter, homelessness rightly has a greater prominence in our minds as we think about those less fortunate than ourselves. Housing homeless people is a key function for local authorities such as Crawley Borough Council. Crawley needs a variety of housing tenures, including of course council housing.