A Close Result in the Crawley Borough Council Elections

On behalf of all the Conservative candidates, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone in Crawley who voted Conservative in last week’s Crawley Borough Council elections. Crawley Conservatives had a very strong set of results with Labour clinging on to control of Crawley Borough Council by the very narrowest of margins.

False Claims on Grass Cutting

Time has a way of ensuring that the truth comes out. For politicians that make false claims and false promises, that is somewhat inconvenient. This brings me nicely to the last Crawley Borough Council election campaign in 2016 and the main election leaflet put out by the Crawley Labour Party exactly two years ago, that stated on its front page: “The alternative is a return to Tory control. Last time around they couldn’t even keep the grass cut”.

Tackling Single Use Plastics

We’ve seen some great progress on reducing plastic waste under the Conservatives. In January a ban on the manufacture of products containing microbeads came into force and a ban on their sale comes into effect this July. The 5p charge on plastic bags has already cut their use by 83%, taking 9 billion bags out of circulation.

Battling Against Extremism

Extremes in politics are clearly not a good thing. I was first elected as Councillor for Furnace Green in 2003 in an election that also saw the first BNP (British National Party) candidate stand for election in Crawley, gaining 15% of the vote. Subsequent years saw more BNP candidates stand in local elections both in Crawley and across the country.

Crawley Borough Council Electoral Boundaries - Fair is Best

Last week a Full Council meeting took place at Crawley Borough Council. The main item for debate was a vote on a preferred future warding pattern to formally submit as part of a local government boundary review that is taking place for Crawley Borough Council.

Beyond the Verge of Acceptability

Across the town, there are two issues that consistently get raised with my Councillor colleagues and I, that being neighbourhood parking and damaged grass verges. These two issues are for the most part interlinked and have been going on for years. Damaged and muddy grass verges are at their worst in early spring after months of being unable to dry out.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Last week saw another terrible terrorist attack in Europe, this time in the south of France. Sadly, France has suffered very badly from terror in recent years and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our French allies in the face of such evil attacks on their country, in the same way they support us in the wake of the chemical weapon attack in Salisbury.

Enforcing Yellow Zig-Zag Lines at Schools

Last week on my local councillor Facebook Page @TilgateFurnaceGreen, I wrote about the problem of parking on the yellow zig-zag lines outside a local school and I posted some photographs of offending cars. While I knew this was an issue, the scale of the reaction showed that there are strong feelings about this issue across the whole town. My post was shared multiple times and was viewed by over 11,000 readers.

Time for Strong Defence

Last week I wrote about how I won’t be watching any of the FIFA World Cup being held in Russia in June and July, because of their appalling actions in Syria. Recent weeks have seen over 1,000 civilians killed in Eastern Ghouta including 200 children. Banned chemical weapons have also been used by Syria despite Russia claiming in 2013 they would oversee their removal. I had written this before it became known that a chemical weapon had been used in Salisbury during a murder attempt, with it being pretty obvious as to which country the chief suspect is.

Politics and Sport

I used to think that politics should be kept out of sport but my view is changing. I recently enjoyed watching some of the Winter Olympics from Pyeongchang in South Korea and supporting Team GB. Last weekend I spoke with a friend in Korea, so naturally I asked if he had enjoyed the recent Winter Olympics held in his country.