Fighting for Crawley's Neighbourhood Principle

Crawley’s council wards have always mostly matched Crawley’s neighbourhoods. This provides an easy understanding as to where our local councillors represent, as well as our councillors representing entire neighbourhoods rather than part of one and part of another.

Tough on Crime

Being a victim of crime is a horrible experience when it happens and depending on its severity, can adversely affect victims permanently. Any crime is too much but thankfully, the levels and severity of crimes in the UK are much better than in most countries, although that is no consolation if you are a victim here.

Henry Smith MP calls for Aviation Tax Cut

Henry Smith MP joined other parliamentarians and campaign representatives from the A Fair Tax on Flying campaign at their pre-Budget event in the House of Commons on Wednesday, 11th October.

Tackling Climate Change

As I write on Sunday evening, we are just a few hours away from Hurricane Ophelia making landfall on the southwest coast of Ireland. It feels quite surreal just to write that. A week ago, had anyone else written that, I would have said how it is impossible to get actual hurricanes close to Europe and the British Isles.

Henry Smith MP goes on Three Bridges Train Depot Whistle Stop Tour

Crawley MP Henry Smith attended the Three Bridges Traincare Facility Open Day on Saturday (14th October), where the site was available for Crawley residents to visit by Siemens as part of its Whistle Stop Tour series, for a behind the scenes look at what goes on to make trains safe, reliable and comfortable.