A Bold New Rail Strategy

Rail passengers deserve a more reliable, more efficient service. We will deliver it by ending the one-size-fits-all approach of franchising and bringing closer together the best of the public and private sector.

Recognising Fake News

The term fake news is one that came from America and has been associated with events there. However, last week we had a major example of fake news right here in the UK. A story in a national left-wing newspaper stated “The Tories have rejected all scientists and voted that animals don’t feel pain”. mThis spread like wildfire on social media, including by television presenters with large social media followings. It was estimated that two million people had seen online material relating to this story and nearly half a million people signed online petitions to protest.

Henry Smith MP stands up for Faith and Freedom on Red Wednesday

Henry Smith MP reaffirmed his support for the freedom of religion on 22nd November at the Red Wednesday parliamentary event hosted by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), in partnership with Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), to stand up for faith and freedom around the world.

Addressing the Housing Shortage

This Wednesday sees the Chancellor Philip Hammond present the Budget. One area I’m partially interested in is housing, given how the availability and cost are becoming a concern to ever greater numbers of people in Crawley and beyond. For decades we simply have not been building enough homes, nor have we been building them quickly enough, and we have seen prices rise to increasingly unaffordable levels. Supply has failed to match the much increased demand in the last 20 years.

Staying Safe Online

While not wishing to cause undue alarm, it is right to highlight the growing concerns around keeping children safe while online and what is being done to help address this. We all know that while the internet has transformed our lives and brought many benefits, it has also brought new risks and dangers. While our children may be savvy in terms of operating technology, they remain at risk in our own homes from abusers from anywhere in the world.