Helping People to become the Best That They Can Be

A fundamental reason as to why I have always been a Conservative is that I believe in aspiration and helping people to become the best they can be. One of the best ways to improve prospects for our young people is through education, with further and higher education enabling greater opportunities. I am therefore delighted to see that information released by UCAS (The University and Colleges Admission Service) shows that University applications in Crawley in 2018 have seen a 40% increase, rising from 25% of 18 year-olds applying in 2009 to 35% in 2018.

Making our Public Life More Representative

The Conservatives have a proud tradition of firsts when it comes to women in politics. In 1919 it was Conservative Nancy Astor who was the female MP to take her seat in Parliament. 1970 saw Betty Harvie Anderson become the first female Deputy Speaker of the Commons. 1975 saw Margaret Thatcher become the first female Leader of the Opposition, going on to become our first female Prime Minister in 1979. Last year saw Wealden MP Nusrat Ghani become the first female Muslim minister to speak at the despatch box.

Crawley MP backing moves to 'Take On' Rogue Parking Companies

Henry Smith MP has given his support to legislation scheduled to come before the House of Commons this Friday, 2nd February, to introduce a statutory Code of Practice for private parking companies to prevent motorists from being unfairly ripped off.

Crawley MP continues Call to End Live Animal Exports

Henry Smith MP has joined parliamentary colleagues, animal welfare campaigners and celebrity supporters to reiterate his call for an end to live animal exports, possible when Britain leaves the European Union.

Sound Management of the Economy

There is never a time when everything is perfect and there will always be things we want to see improved, but we are however continuing to see real facts that our economy is in good shape with the Conservatives at the helm. It is only by having a successful economy that we as a country can fund the things we want. This is a fact that the Labour Party conveniently forgets. Socialists are great at being generous with other people’s money, but whenever they come to power they’ve always blown the economic legacy they’ve inherited, leaving others to clear up their mess.