Respect Pledge for local elections

Today (3 March 2018) the Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis unveiled the Party’s Respect Pledge. The pledge will apply to all Conservative candidates standing in the local elections this year, ensuring they behave responsibly throughout the election.

Crawley MP supports NCT's #HiddenHalf Campaign

Crawley MP Henry Smith attended a parliamentary event to support the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) #HiddenHalf campaign to get post-natal mental illness out of hiding.

Henry Smith MP welcomes Ban on Ivory Sales

Crawley MP Henry Smith has welcomed confirmation from the Environment Secretary, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, that the UK will introduce a ban on ivory sales.

Beyond the Verge of Acceptability

Across the town, there are two issues that consistently get raised with my Councillor colleagues and I, that being neighbourhood parking and damaged grass verges. These two issues are for the most part interlinked and have been going on for years. Damaged and muddy grass verges are at their worst in early spring after months of being unable to dry out.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Last week saw another terrible terrorist attack in Europe, this time in the south of France. Sadly, France has suffered very badly from terror in recent years and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our French allies in the face of such evil attacks on their country, in the same way they support us in the wake of the chemical weapon attack in Salisbury.

Increased pay for NHS workers

Using the funds that the Chancellor allocated at the Budget, we've set out proposals that will see wage rises of between 6.5 per cent and 29 per cent for over 1.1 million NHS workers in England

Enforcing Yellow Zig-Zag Lines at Schools

Last week on my local councillor Facebook Page @TilgateFurnaceGreen, I wrote about the problem of parking on the yellow zig-zag lines outside a local school and I posted some photographs of offending cars. While I knew this was an issue, the scale of the reaction showed that there are strong feelings about this issue across the whole town. My post was shared multiple times and was viewed by over 11,000 readers.