Crawley MP Helps Local People into Engineering Jobs

Henry Smith MP has been thanked by Clive Selley, Chief Executive of Openreach, the UK’s largest broadband infrastructure provider, for his help in highlighting local recruitment opportunities.

Emerging Intolerance of the Hard Left

Democracy is something that we can take for granted although many parts of the world still have no democracy at all, or much less freedom to express political views than we enjoy in the west. I am however noticing a new intolerance of freedom of speech from the British Left, headed up by the Momentum organisation that now has seized political control of the Labour Party.

Residency Rights for EU Citizens in the United Kingdom

The UK will be leaving the EU in March 2019 although I feel that news coverage about Brexit is somewhat overplayed. Many things have already been agreed although the media attention perhaps understandably tends to be on matters yet to be resolved. We tend to see those who are trying to sabotage Brexit, presenting leaving the EU as some sort of apocalyptic event, which is of course nonsense.

Policies for Animal Welfare

There are several major news stories going on at the moment but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the less newsworthy issues that still need addressing. Britain has long had a reputation of being a nation of animal lovers, and so it is fitting that we recognise this in the opportunities that will arise as we leave the European Union political organisation.

Action on Violent Crime

None of us like to hear about violent crime in Crawley, especially when weapons are involved. It feels like we are often reading about local reports of stabbings, although the situation is much worse in London which has seen a large number of murders this year. Much of this crime is drug related and tends to occur between criminals rather than innocent members of the public being the victims, although not exclusively so. No one wants it happening or being caught up in it.

Henry Smith MP Celebrates Equal Franchise Anniversary

To mark 90 years since men and women over 21 gained the right to vote, Henry Smith MP has spoken at an EqualiTeas event at Crawley Museum to share, debate and celebrate what equality means, over a cup of tea.