Focus on Tackling Crime

It is concerning that crime has risen in the last year, although this rise is set against the backdrop of the fact that crime is down by over a third since 2010, and it did fall to a record low during this decade. I’ve always taken the view that any amount of crime is too much and to quote a soundbite from the 1990s, we really do need be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

Debating the Brexit Deal

The next couple of weeks will be crucial in deciding what happens with our exiting of the European Union. After very long and arduous negotiations, an agreement on exit terms has been agreed between the UK Government and the EU. Whatever you think of the deal, Theresa May deserves credit for getting us this far in difficult circumstances. She became Prime Minister in the aftermath of the referendum and has been tasked with delivering this democratic verdict of the British people.

Crawley MP reiterates Blood Cancer Call in the House of Commons

Crawley MP and All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer Chair Henry Smith has reiterated his call for improvements in support for issues affecting blood cancer patients and the wider community in Crawley, including access to treatments, mental health provision and GP services.

Litter and Rat Control

The Brown Rat has only been in Great Britain for about 300 years and has spread virtually over the entire planet, basically wherever humans are. Last week I observed rats in Crawley on three separate days including twice during the day, despite the fact that rats are mainly a nocturnal species. This suggests to me that their local population has soared, probably helped by a hot summer and warm autumn plus ample food sources. I was particularly concerned to observe rats in Crawley’s Memorial Gardens on two successive days. An average rat produces 40 droppings a day and urinates frequently. These are major disease risks as well as being unpleasant to come into contact with.


Last weekend’s Remembrance was a memorable occasion that will stay with us. After one hundred years since its end, the First World War has all but faded from living memory except for a very few who were young children at the time, but it will stay in our nation’s consciousness.