Remembering and Recognising Our Veterans

On Sunday we commemorated Remembrance Sunday and on Monday Armistice Day. This is something that as a nation we’ve been doing well for decades, coming together in recognising and reflecting on the sacrifice of the fallen. Until the last decade or so, our country had been a bit slower in giving our Veterans the recognition and status they deserve.

Henry Smith Welcomes More Crawley Job Opportunities

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley Henry Smith was part of the Gatwick Airport Jobs Fair yesterday (Thursday, 7 th November) held at the Arora Hotel, Southgate, as one of Crawley’s largest employers helped jobseekers and those seeking new career opportunities.

An Opportunity to Move On with Health, Education and Law and Order Priorities

After 2.5 years of opposition parties in parliament trying to subvert democracy, we now finally have an opportunity to break the deadlock and move our country forward. Labour have consistently put their own narrow short-term political advantage first, instead of getting Brexit sorted by refusing any deal agreed with the EU. They even held out against a general election to break the deadlock, but had to succumb once other opposition parties agreed to one. This general election is an opportunity to break the deadlock with a deal ready to be agreed by a new parliament, so that we can then focus solely on the domestic issues that matter to all of us.

Henry Smith MP: The Security of a Job for MIllions

Official ONS figures show that in the south east of England, there are now 4,661,421 people in work – meaning that since 2010, 469,082 more people have been able to access the security of a job.

A New Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis

About 10,500 people in the UK have Cystic Fibrosis. It is a genetic lung condition that affects roughly 1 in every 2,500 babies. For those affected, average life expectancy is a very low 37 years, although this is much greater than what it used to be. I have always been aware of it because tragically, my cousin was born with cystic fibrosis and died aged just 18. This was thirty years ago when treatments were not as good as today.